Pressure Vessel Design Manufature Fabrication

Industrial Auto Clave, Horton Sphere, Expansion Vessel, Flash Vessel, Storage Bullet

Hyperbaric Pressure Vessel Filtration Pressure Vessel built with over 70 Flanges..
Used for Industrial Filtration processes which require critical pressures
Expansion Vessel 29 M long and 25 mm Thick Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel used at Critical Temperatures
Heat Exchangers Boilers, Cooling Panels and other Heat Exchangers built with numerous flanges, complicated piping & perforated panels
Storage Bullet 30 M Long, 5 M Dia & 120 Tons each Delivered and Installed in Single Piece
Pressurised Storage Bullets for Oil & Gas applications
Flash Vessel Low Pressure and High Pressure Flash Vessels used as intermediate storages in steam and fluid management systems
Auto Clave Pressurised High Temperature Chamber with applications in various Industrial Verticals